As commercial litigators, we handle legal matters for every type of business client, large and small. This includes contractors who take on jobs for the federal government.

Neighbor disputes are often a reality when living in an urban or suburban area. While there are times it can be solved with a simple phone call and a handshake, it’s often not so easy and is necessary to take legal action to avoid loss of important rights.

Our experience encompasses the full spectrum of commercial and contractual disputes. Your business decisions are made based on the purchase and sales agreements you sign.

When a purchase or sale of real estate fails due to an undisclosed property defect, a title defect or simply by the other party’s failure to perform on the agreement, the impact can be costly.

Contracts form the basis of every business, and it is important to have contracts in place that fully reflect your agreement with the other party.

A clear and enforceable commercial lease can save you valuable time, money, and energy in the future.

We represent landowners, joint venture partners and entrepreneurs in developing significant real estate projects.