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We all know that doctors are human and therefore prone to mistakes just like everyone else. When you have suffered an injury at the hands of a medical professional, however, a single mistake can have far-reaching consequences that change your life forever.

At Griffin & Bivalacqua, we are well-versed in the complexities of the Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act, which is an evolving piece of legislation that has changed the face of medical malpractice law in our state. If you have been injured at the hands of a health care provider, you need lawyers who understand this complicated law.

You also need a legal team that is honest and up-front about your case. We will provide you with a free, confidential consultation to help you determine whether to move forward with your case.

We will take the time to fully explain both the legal procedures involved and the hurdles you face if you decide to pursue a claim.

Most importantly, we will be frank in our discussions and will not hesitate to let you know whether we feel you have a valid case.

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We believe that individuals injured by a physician’s carelessness deserve fair compensation.

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Our Approach

We at Griffin & Bivalacqua help our clients every step of the way. This approach is especially important in the area of medical malpractice, which is a multistep process that requires tremendous attention to detail.

We believe that individuals injured by a physician’s carelessness deserve fair compensation.

The Louisiana Medical Malpractice Act mandates a lengthy, complex review process that is often intimidating to everyday folks. This is why we provide the support and resources you need to meet the system head on.

1: Case Evaluation

We start by carefully reviewing your medical records. Our nurse paralegals quickly sort and summarize your medical records to identify potential issues with your medical treatment so we can determine whether you have a claim.

2: Choosing a Medical Expert

If the initial review indicates a potential claim, the next step is to identify a medical expert. This expert plays an important role in the prosecution of a medical malpractice suit.

He or she will provide testimony that proves your health care provider either lacked the requisite degree of knowledge or skill or failed to use the level of care another doctor would have used under similar circumstances.

3: Initiating Your Claim

The Medical Malpractice Act requires you to submit your claim to a Medical Review Panel.

This panel, which is made up of three physicians and one attorney, will review the details of your case and issue an opinion. Statistically, the majority of plaintiffs do not fare well at this stage. In fact, many plaintiffs’ attorneys do not even bother to assemble the appropriate documentation for the panel’s review.

At Griffin & Bivalacqua, however, we take full advantage of this step to increase the chances of a positive opinion. This often leads to settlement opportunities for our clients.

4: Filing a Lawsuit

From this point forward, the procedures are no different from any other personal injury lawsuit, with one exception: we must be able to provide a testifying expert witness to support your case.

Results-driven Trial Lawyers

If you have been seriously injured, you need a legal team that can provide you with legal knowledge, compassion counsel, and unwavering support. At Griffin & Bivalacqua, we will bear the costs of the litigation and minimize the intrusion into your life. We are experienced litigators who understand the law and can steer you toward a favorable result.

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