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When a purchase or sale of real estate fails due to an undisclosed property defect, a title defect or simply by the other party’s failure to perform on the agreement, the impact can be costly.

Early intervention is key when a real estate purchase dispute presents itself. It is in both parties’ interest to do so in order to lessen the severity of the financial costs and lost opportunity.

The Law office of Griffin & Bivalacqua has provided practical and sophisticated real estate law services to buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, investors, and developers for many years. Griffin & Bivalacqua protect the rights of buyers and sellers of residential property who are involved in purchase disputes, and work to resolve those disputes through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

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Common problems in the sale and purchase of real estate

Most purchase agreements at risk are discovered during title registry or shortly after the buyer has taken possession:

Environmental Defects

Title Defects

Zoning Defects

Undisclosed Structural Defects

In some cases, one party may sign the purchase agreement but fail to carry through on their contractual obligations nonetheless.

Unfortunately, some people rush into a purchase agreement without fully understanding the potential ramifications of failing to follow through with the sale.

Both sellers and buyers often take steps in reliance on the purchase agreement beyond those necessary to satisfy the obligations of the purchase agreement.

A seller, for example, may be under contract to buy a new home and is relying on the buyer’s agreement to purchase in order to have the funds to purchase the new home. A buyer may have given up his lease in plans to move into his new home and might have no place to live if the seller breaches the agreement to sell.

We understand all of the interests concerned with residential purchase agreements and strive to achieve a prompt result for our clients.

At Griffin & Bivalacqua, we know how to protect our clients' rights.

In many cases we can resolve a dispute over a purchase agreement without the need to file a lawsuit. When litigation is called for however, we are experienced trial lawyers with a track record of success.

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