Environmental Damage Litigation

Dangerous chemicals can wreak havoc on human health, but they are just as hazardous to our planet. When the land suffers, it has a far-reaching impact on resources, animal life, and human health. Unfortunately, environmental contamination can take years and decades to visibly manifest.

In addition to representing individuals injured from toxic materials, we at Griffin & Bivalacqua also help land owners pursue claims for damage caused by irresponsible corporations driven by greed and a general disregard for the land, water, and soil vital to commerce and human life.

The state of Louisiana is home to an abundance of natural resources, particularly oil and gas. Although drilling for these materials creates jobs and drives the economy, it can also produce catastrophic results when carelessness leads to accidents.

The Griffin & Bivalacqua legal team has handled countless cases involving environmental damage cases, including oil spills, improper hazardous waste disposal, faulty equipment, and improper testing.

Whether your health or your property has been compromised due to a toxic substance, we at Griffin & Bivalacqua can help you assess the facts to determine if you have a claim.

A law firm ready to fight for you.

We approach toxic tort and environmental damage cases with a detailed case preparation method designed to achieve results.

The primary issues in any toxic tort case are the conduct of the defendant, the dangers known to exist at the time of the defendant’s conduct, and the relationship of the toxic substance to the plaintiff’s injuries.

Whether a defendant used chemicals, minerals, or other products in a way that caused injury, we do everything in our power to show the fact finder that the defendant’s conduct was unreasonably dangerous.

We also use expert witnesses to help our clients obtain the damages they deserve.

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