Contracts are business, and your business depends on the strength and value of its contracts. Period.

Contracts form the basis of every business, and it is important to have contracts in place that fully reflect your agreement with the other party.

Too often, poorly written contracts leave the rights and obligations of businesses loosely defined and lead to controversial contract disputes and other business disputes. But even with the most comprehensive contract in place, disputes can arise. When you need a document that can make or break your business, Griffin & Bivalacqua understand what is at stake.

The New Orleans attorneys at Griffin & Bivalacqua are skilled at developing contracts and helping clients resolve contract disputes in negotiations, mediation, arbitration, and if need be, in the courtroom.

Attorneys Will Griffin and Sal Bivalacqua are skilled litigators who are familiar with the local court processes and procedures.

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Our New Orleans Louisiana lawyers represent clients in disputes and breach of contract actions involving all types of business and commercial agreements, including:

Shareholder, partnership and joint venture agreements

Commercial leases and purchase agreements for commercial property

Purchase agreements and vendor contacts

Buy-sell agreements

Franchise agreements

In some cases, one party may sign the purchase agreement but fail to carry through on their contractual obligations nonetheless. Unfortunately, some people rush into a purchase agreement without fully understanding the potential ramifications of failing to follow through with the sale.

Both sellers and buyers often take steps in reliance on the purchase agreement beyond those necessary to satisfy the obligations of the purchase agreement.

A seller, for example, may be under contract to buy a new home and is relying on the buyer’s agreement to purchase in order to have the funds to purchase the new home. A buyer may have given up his lease in plans to move into his new home and might have no place to live if the seller breaches the agreement to sell.

We understand all of the interests concerned with residential purchase agreements and strive to achieve a prompt result for our clients.

No matter the type of contract, we will work directly with you to answer your questions, address your concerns and help you resolve your dispute as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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