The Admiralty Lawyers

Because so many jobs and so much of life in Louisiana flows from the Gulf of Mexico, it is no surprise that the law governing the sea is especially important in our state.

Known as maritime law or admiralty, this area of law governs the wide range of issues unique to life and business on the water.

These issues include everything from shipping contracts, vessel registration, oil spills, and diving accidents to Jones Act claims,commercial vessels, and cruise ships.

Because admiralty laws are very specialized, attorneys who practice in this area must possess the experience and knowledge to effectively represent their maritime clients or those who have been injured or suffered losses at sea.

At Griffin & Bivalacqua, we have built a successful admiralty practice that encompasses all aspects of maritime law.Our experience includes representing clients involved in boating accidents, groundings,collisions, and spills.

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Whether you are a rig worker, longshoreman, shipyard worker, or harbor employee, we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Jones Act Claims

Passed in 1920, the Jones Act is a federal law that makes marine employers and vessel operators liable for negligence associated with the death or work-related injury of their employees. Although Jones Act claims are similar to Worker’s Compensation claims,there are key differences. Maritime workers who seek damages under the Act must show negligence on the part of a vessel owner, operator, or co-worker. An employee can also assert a claim based on defective equipment, including the vessel itself. The Jones Act applies to both seagoing vessels and offshore oil rigs.

At Griffin & Bivalacqua, we have substantial experience representing injured seamen and maritime workers in Louisiana and throughout the Gulf Coast. Whether you are a rig worker, longshoreman, shipyard worker, or harbor employee, we can help you obtain the compensation you deserve. We have won millions of dollars through verdicts awarded to our clients. Additionally, we have worked with countless experts in the fields of crane operations, vessel navigation, offshore drilling practices, rigging, and engineering.

Because the statute of limitations on these claims is typically three years, it is important to hire an experienced attorney to handle your case. Claims against ferries, cruise-liners, government-owned vessels, and governmental entities may have a shorter statute of limitations.

Oil Spill Claims and other Maritime Accidents

Because we live in the community we serve, we are committed to helping our neighbors recover from the oil spills and other maritime disasters that plague our region. The explosion and subsequent oil spill of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform created an economic dark cloud that will impact our area for many years.

Although offshore drilling has the potential to create jobs and provide tremendous resources, it can also spawn devastating economic tragedies that impact commerce, the land, and society.

When these accidents strike, commercial fisheries, oyster farmers, dock and marina owners, waterfront property owners, boat owners, and government entities suffer property damage and loss of income.

At Griffin & Bivalacqua, we have helped businesses, individuals, and communities recover compensation for property damages,loss of profits, loss of natural resources, loss of earnings, real damages, and loss of commercial use related to spills and admiralty accidents.

If you or your business has been negatively impacted by the BP oil spill or other maritime accidents, you may be eligible to bring claims against those responsible for the damages. Contact our office today so we can review your case and discuss your options.

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