Toxic Tort Litigation on the Rise

Within the past few decades, awareness and increased environmental activism have led to a tremendous increase in the area of toxic tort litigation.

We at Griffin & Bivalacqua care about the earth we all share and we passionately advocate on behalf of those who have suffered injury or losses as a result of environmental wrongdoing.

Because there are so many chemical substances that can cause illness to people and damage to the environment, our toxic tort litigation practice encompasses a wide variety of cases.

We have successfully handled cases in the areas of multi-district litigation, class actions, and mass tort litigation.

We are committed to pursuing claims against corporations that choose to ignore environmental dangers in favor of profits.

A Focus on Toxic Tort Personal Injuries

The term “toxic tort” refers to a personal injury caused by an individual’s exposure to harmful, toxic chemicals or other materials. In many cases, victims are exposed to these substances while on the job or by ingesting toxic prescription medication.

Any type of personal injury takes a tremendous physical, emotional, and financial toll on the victim.

Because the diseases and health complications that result from exposure to harmful chemical are often profoundly devastating, victims with toxic injuries are best served by lawyers with specialized knowledge of this unique area of personal injury law.

We have handled toxic tort actions in a variety of areas, including everything from pharmaceuticals to chemicals such as lead, asbestos, pesticides, and silica.

We help clients suffering from lung disease, respiratory illnesses, and a range of cancers caused by these dangerous substances.

If you have been exposed to a toxic material, call us today at (504) 648-1858 to discuss your case.

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