Government Contract Disuputes

As commercial litigators, we handle legal matters for every type of business client, large and small. This includes contractors who take on jobs for the federal government.

Although receiving a federal contract can be both lucrative and rewarding, it is notwithout pitfalls. When disputes crop up – as they often do – there are specificprocedures that govern your claim.

Whether you’re a multimillion dollar company or acontractor with a modest business, facing down the federal government is intimidatingand overwhelming. That is where we come in.

Federal contract disputes are governed by the Contract Disputes Act of 1978, which is acomplex piece of legislation that sets forth the procedures for filing contract fraud andbreach of contract claims against the government.

The Act also permits the federalgovernment to file claims against contractors. At Griffin & Bivalacqua, we have represented clients on both sides of these disputes.

Claims generally fall under one of three categories as defined by the Act:


The Act allows the government to request different yet similar products and services during the course of contract performance. Contractors who comply with these changes may nevertheless incur financial hardship when they comply. The Act allows contractors to seek just compensation for these losses.

Termination for Convenience

Sometimes, the government decides to end a project early. Whatever the reason, the government is required to cover the contractor’s expenses up to the cessation of the contract. Unsurprisingly,contractors and government agents do not always see eye to eye on the amount owed. As a result, contractors must often bring claims under the Act to recover funds.


Government entities cancel contracts for a variety of reasons, including substandard work on the part of the contractor. If a contractor believes the government’s evaluation was wrong, it can contest the cancellation.

Construction Fraud

Construction fraud is one of the fastest growing legal issues along the Gulf Coast. Due to the significant amount of hurricane damage caused to homes along the Gulf Coast, our state has been inundated with thousands of self-proclaimed construction contractors offering their services.

Unfortunately, the volume of work has also attracted many unqualified or dishonest workers looking to make a quick dollar by taking advantage of residents unfamiliar with the construction trade.

With so much work to do, even clients dealing with reputable contractors have experienced serious problems.

Contractor fraud encompasses a wide variety of behavior, including using substandard materials, failing to properly insure a project, hiring untrained workers, and requiring a home owner to pay large sums of money up front.

If you suspect you have dealt with a disreputable contractor, it is imperative that you speak to an attorney well-versed in construction fraud.

The attorneys at Griffin & Bivalacqua are dedicated to protecting Louisiana homeowners from this growing threat.

Because we care passionately about the people impacted by Katrina, we will provide a free initial consultation to any home owner who believes he or she may be a victim of construction fraud.

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